Motivational Intervention

Communicating with Students with an Innovative New Technique that Works!

This program, “Motivational Intervention” is what we called in the military a force multiplier. It provides additional support when there is no one else to do so. As long as the child can read and has a computer to use, this program will help them see and understand through their own interaction that the choice they make, whether good or bad, will yield a consequence of its own making.

The Department of Justice in collaboration with Harvard University and the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms commissioned Dr. Charles Friedman to develop a solution to the problem of truancy, violence and school drop out in our communities. His experience as an executive producer with National Geographic and background in psychology produced a cutting edge program that engages students and thereby facilitates learning, retention and the making of better choices. Motivational Intervention addresses the myriad of negative daily interactions that adversely influence the decisions of our school age youth.