Inmate Re-entry Program

Mark’s Dream Coaching Process has helped countless inmates find their purpose and re-enter the community with a new sense of value and passion.

Dream Coach Inmate Re-entry Program

This is the first life coaching (Dream Coaching) reentry program ever initiated in the Florida Department of Corrections. They refer to it as the “Betterment Program”. My desire is to replicate it in as many institutions as possible at some point. I am also taking our federal inmates through the 5 week program. I will soon expose the women at the minimum level federal facility to the program.

You can release a man or woman to a million dollar halfway house, but if he/she has not changed on the inside they will recidivate (return). ~ Mark “Majic” Johnson

Mark has worked with incarcerated men, women, and youth, spending the last 20 years working for the largest Federal Prison in the United States of America. This Maximum Security facility houses men who will never see the outside of the perimeter of their concrete homes,  unless they require medical attention that necessitates emergency transportation to a hospital.

Whether working with inmates who have life sentences or preparing them for release from prison, Mark has a way of inspiring and connecting with his audience. He is the genuine article and he commands attention as a result.

Transformation And-Restoration-Inmate-Graduation-Sumter-County

Mark knows that your inmates can spot a “fake” a mile away. Passion does not lie and Mark is the real deal.  Mark facilitates purpose hunting, dream coaching, and simply “keeping it real” (in spite of faults) discussions. His “in your face” approach speaks to inmates of all security levels because it comes from someone who understands their deepest needs.

Mark’s specialties:

  • Inmate Re-entry Specialist
  • Mentor Trainer – training for individuals who would like to mentor juveniles, inmates, etc.
  • Works with state and local jails and prisons

Mark utilizes the principles of coaching in the correctional environment as a cognitive reentry tool that gives inmates the inner tools for transformation.

  • Provides coaching sessions to inmates sentenced to life or who have spent one quarter of their life behind bars and are now preparing to be released.
  • Understand the difference between a dream and a fantasy. While a dream is within their control; a fantasy is not.
  • Understand they too have a life’s purpose that is impacting and produces lasting change.

Contact Mark for more information about his specialized prison programs and training services.

“I told an inmate during one session he inspired me (his seriousness of wanting to release a better man and doing all the assignments). His eyes got big and I then knew I had touched this man’s heart and had impacted him. As I departed he approached me and said ‘I have another dream’. I asked him what is was and he said be a ‘better man than you’. I was filled with happiness, knowing even with my imperfections that I am impacting those in the space I occupy.”  Mark “Majic”Johnson